Genre: Family, Comedy, Animation

America's hilarious new family animated sitcom takes cue from the comedic style of hit episodic televised series' such as The Simpson's, and Family Guy, while attempting to re-establish into the genre, the true and heart-felt day-to-day events that teach us what it means to be a family.

Genre: Family, Fantasy, Action, Adventure

William Seven is about to discover his parents were pirates. When he uncovers a mysterious object at the bottom of the sea, he sets sail with his father's lovable first-mate, a mysterious girl, and Oscar, his smart-mouthed sidekick, to search for the seven lost objects of Mullingar, and find his long lost mother and father. 

​​​​Genre:   Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Space

In the not so distant future we develop the ability to clone a human being.

Billions of Earth’s elite upload themselves into a supercomputer to be later reinserted when they die into their brand new body. But when an enzyme used to enhance clone production causes all procreation of life on Earth to stop, mankind’s last remaining hope lies in a crew of 10 who embark upon an interstellar mission to search out life in space for the cure to extinction.


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Genre:   Family, Fantasy, Action, Adventure

A young boy is transported through the screen of a feature film into a fantastical world, where he must search out the machine’s inventor and get them back home.